About Pro Physio Rehabilitation Center in Sudbury

Pro Physio was established by Registered Physiotherapists Trina Tessaro and Tania Burton in September 2008. Both Tania and Trina were born in Sudbury and returned home to start their professional careers after completing their physiotherapy training at McMaster University in 2001.

After working in private physiotherapy clinics upon their return for 7 years, Trina and Tania decided that they would like to deliver quality physiotherapy services to their community implementing a one-on-one Physiotherapist-to-patient approach in private treatment rooms. Consistency and continuity of care were also paramount for both Tania and Trina, resulting in treatments that are administered exclusively by the Physiotherapist without the use of support staff. As a result of the quality care provided, Pro Physio has grown over the years, now providing patient centred care by their team of 5 Physiotherapists.

Pro Physio is also committed to utilizing a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to your care, often working closely with your family physician, surgeon, and other allied health professionals to ensure optimal outcome in the treatment and management of your physiotherapy-related concerns.

Our Mission

Pro Physio is committed to helping you, as a patient, understand why your body may be in pain and why it’s limiting you from participating in the things you need or want to do. Once this has been determined, we will help you to reach your goals through the provision of the necessary treatment and by helping you to make any changes required to be successful.

We also strive to provide:

  • Treatment that is of the highest quality, utilizing the most recent evidence to guide their use
  • Advanced physiotherapy techniques and skills related to ongoing continuing education and training
  • Professional and ethical physiotherapy services
  • A clinical environment that is conducive to maintaining privacy and confidentiality, as well as achieving positive outcomes

How is Pro Physio different?

  • We do not provide unnecessary or unwarranted therapies.
  • We provide treatment practices that are clinically validated.
  • We spend valuable appointment time employing manual hands-on therapy and other tools, including electrotherapy modalities, dry needling, acupuncture, exercise prescription and other modalities as needed.
  • We believe that providing education on your condition is paramount.
  • We will provide you with home rehabilitation programs and other guidance to help you continue your treatment at home and prevent recurrence.
  • We treat exclusively in private therapy rooms, rather than in an open gym. Our gym space is used for gym activities and exercises and may also be utilized during your sessions with us.
  • We provide only the therapy you need. We establish clear treatment goals with you from the start and focus our efforts on achieving those objectives as rapidly as possible. If we can’t help, we will refer you to the source of help you need. Success at our clinic means returning you to optimum health!

Our clinic depends on word-of-mouth referrals. Should you have any suggestions about how we can serve you better, please let us know!

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